When the curtain rises it reveals, downstage left and right, various DEMONS and IMPS preparing to work their mischief on several helpless HUMANS. The rest of the stage remains dark. Soon the image of the mystical island of Avalon begins to appear in the background. Upstage and standing on a misty, suspended part of the island we can see VIVIANE, the Lady of the Lake and Queen of Avalon, calling out to her servants:

Soon humans shall in vain seek solace in their beds,

fumbling for their mates,

all portals shut and bolted

tight against our jests.

And though no lock has ever barred

we spirits of the dark

such sport fares best in the open,

our untamed realm.

You who men call demons,

harken to your queen:

pursue them to their mean hearths, 

to their vulgar homes.

Night shall be once more a source of terror --

let man in dread remain!

Off, now, and take your pleasure

ere sunrise comes.

MERLIN Act I, Scene I (excerpt)

P.1999 Radio-France.

© 1998 TLON EDITIONS. All rights reserved.

As the action continues,

MERLIN appears, shrouded in mist . . .


© 2007 TLØN EDITIONS. All rights reserved.

Merlin (opera by Ezequiel Viñao and Caleb Carr)